ICDTHT´25 - International Conference on Demographic Transition, Health and Technologies
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ICDTHT conference will take place in Salinas, Ecuador.
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ICDTHT´25 - International Conference on Demographic Transition, Health and Technologies
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Welcome to ICDTHT´25 - The 2025 International Conference on Demographic Transition, Health and Technologies (In-person and/or Virtual), to be held at UPSE - Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena, in  SalinasEcuador, between the 13th and the 15th of February 2025.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit papers for evaluation by the Scientific Committee. All papers will be subjected to a “double-blind review” by at least two members of the Scientific Committee, on the basis of relevance, originality, importance and clarity.

Submitted papers should be related with one or more of the main themes proposed for the Conference: 


Area A: Demographic Transition

A1) Health and demographic transition
A2) Management of emerging public health problems
A3) New methods in healthy aging
A4) Aging, health and social inequities
A5) Aging and health economics issues
A6) Globalization of health systems and policies
A7) Access to healthcare in developing Countries
A8) Providing health in remote areas
A9) Aging health and societal impact
A10) Care assistance in crisis situations
A11) Migration and health assistance
A12) Regional cooperation for healthcare
A13) Aging, changing health patterns and lifestyle
A14) Education for aging
A15) Aging health issues in gerontology and geriatrics


Area B: Health and Technolologies

B1) eHealth initiatives
B2) Online eHealth communities
B3) Behavioral, environmental, and public health informatics
B4) Clinical and health decision support systems
B5) Healthcare communication networks
B6) Wired and wireless communication technologies in health monitoring
B7) Computational neuroscience
B8) Intelligent healthcare 
B9) Cloud computing and applications for health
B10) Big Data for healthcare practices Medical robotics
B11) Computational aging health
B12) Aging and independent living technologies
B13) User-adaptive gerontechnologies
B14) Mobile technology for Aging, health and wellbeing
B15) Social-care robotic for old Adults and caregivers interaction
B16) Security of medical systems
B17) Technologies and health global accessibility
B18) Ethical aspects in eHealth
B19) E-learning and education in healthcare
B20) Health robotic assistence and rehabilitation
B21) Smart homes for ambient assisted living and healthcare
B22) Cognitive systems and applications
B23) Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Health Sciences
B24) Gamification for Seniors and active healthy
B25) Health and entertainment technologies for old Adults


Area C: Aging, Society, Behavior and Health

C1) Innovation and community health services
C2) Social networks for Aging
C3) Ageism, health and well-being benefits to older Adults from intergenerational engagement
C4) Entrepreneurship and Silver Economy 
C5) Health tourism for older Adults
C6) Aging, frailty and health
C7) Aging and social medicine
C8) Aging and social frailty
C9) Cognitive frailty in older Adults
C10) Aging, Alzheimer, dementia and mental health
C11) Active aging, social integration and self-care
C12) Health interventions to support caregivers of older Adults
C13) Aging, health privacy and ethical considerations
C14) Behaviour monitoring for healthcare in aging population
C15) Anti-institutionalization solutions for older Adults, health and independent living
C16) Sexual health for older adults
C17) Aging, fisical and emocional frailty
C18) Aging and emotions therapy
C19) Aging, health and nutrition
C20) Fitness and sports for old Adults


Papers accepted and registered will be published in Proceedings by Springer in a book of the Business and Economics series, will be submitted for indexation by SCOPUS, among others, and will be available in the SpringerLink Digital Library.



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